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There’s so much anti american sentiment in this country it’s unreal, seriously if you don’t like the United States then feel free to save some money, buy a plane ticket and live elsewhere. Truthfully, no one is tying your arms and legs to a chair forcing you to stay. America is the worst system in the world until you compare it to every other system. Just because you are young in college and are full of pretentious self righteous ideologies, and you have the 5th amendment on your side, the one that this country ENTITLED you to; doesn’t mean that you have the slightest inclination as to what you are talking about. How many of you have even spent considerable time in another country? Hating America, because of it’s misgivings doesn’t make you worldly, intelligent or any less racist. It makes you incomprehensibly one dimensional and ignorant. Hating other races or any race for that matter goes in conjunction with my aforementioned point. People like my boyfriend risk their lives and sanity every day to allow people like you to call America imperialist, racist, intolerant etc. Show me a nation that doesn’t have a questionable past, and I will rescind this entire argument. It makes me ill. The only problem with this country is that we have no unity, no pride and no respect. I love my marine, I love my country, I love it’s leadership BECAUSE they are perfect in spite of their imperfections.

Acknowledging the problems in this country is insightful and admirable when you get off of your Mac book to actually make strides toward the utopia that you are trying to create. Put your hemp where your mouth is and make yourself useful like the rest of us.


β€œWhile we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”- Angela Schwindt

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